Mexico is the first world wide producer of avocado with more tan 34% of the total world production.

We exportto 21 countries, with the United States being the most important.


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Mexico is the third largest exporter of mangoes world wide and, along with Brazil and Pakistan,

                                                             we exports 53% of the total volumen.


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Mexico is the world`sleading producer of limes. Approximatety 40 percent of the crop is destined for fresh consumptin, while 60% is used for essential oils, juice concéntrate and pectin.


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Banana and Plantain



Mexico occupies the 13th position as a leading exporter worldwide, we have about 20 thousand hectares to export, with certifications of good agricultural practices by SAGARPA and USDA and Global Gap and Primus Lab. We supply to big companies like Chiquita Banana, Dole and our great interest is to export directly under our growing plantations.


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The pitahaya is an exotic fruit that has acquired great Importance as it may end up replacing basic grains. It is a wild harvest fruit. The demand in the international market has been growing


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Mexico occupies the number four position as export leader in the world, for the month of October we count with about 180 tons weekly from October to July. We have processes certified good agricultural practices by Sagarpa and Global Gap. Beginning in December, we started the organic pineapple.


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